Of curry laksa & char kway teow

We had a great time meeting with a Malaysian family today! They had been in Colorado Springs for 23 years and involved with amazing ministry training indigenous workers for the field.

It’s amazing that we got to know them through the Christmas outreach event that we got to be a part of. I happened to walk past an Asian looking lady, I stopped and said ‘hi’, and awkwardly asked ‘where are you from? Korea?’, and our conversation began. The lady and her husband were from Malaysia. Being Asian/Singaporean/Malaysian, I replied with a ‘oh! we’re neighbours!’ In our 15mins conversation at that time, we exchanged contacts and eventually got invited to their place for a meal and made connections to meet with other Singaporeans (which we will be meeting very soon). Like this coming Monday, I will be meeting a Singaporean lady.

It’s great! I’m so looking forward to it. Partly missing the Asian community, and more importantly, I want to connect with more internationals/Asians, and be a bridge of hospitality to them (esp students).

We also got introduced to many Asian stores and restaurants that are good in Denver area. Woohoo!


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