Being sick is like being a leper

Never did I realize or felt like this that ‘being sick is like being a leper’.

People will avoid you to make sure that they don’t catch the flu. Or tell you in a nice way to stay at home to rest or see the doctor, which actually what they really mean is “please don’t pass the flu to me, thank you!” It made me wonder if “How are you feeling?” actually means “Are you well, or please stay far away from me!”

Already the feeling of being sick in a foreign land is bad enough. I don’t even know how to start ‘curing’ myself. While we were in Kansas and my medication from SG was in COS, I could only buy some kind of painkillers to kill the body aches pain and fever. There’s no familiar brands like “Panadol” or “Clarinese”. I’m not sure what the ingredients in the pills will do to my body. (Especially after watching a documentary on how babies became deformed or addicted to drugs because their mums took too much painkillers)

I’m not sure how to go about seeing a doctor here. I searched online for clinics, and it’s mostly private, specialized clinics or hospitals. If I was in SG, I could go to my regular family doctor.

So many times, my thoughts are that “I want to go home!!” and I could go to my familiar doctor and my mum/grandma will cook porridge or chicken macaroni for me. And I will recover in couple of days. The weather is also not so cold that I am freezing no matter what I do.

Other times, I am so frustrated with the fever and stuffy nose and the chills, that I kept praying and crying out to God to take away the bug and heal me.

It’s always the stillness of the presence of God that restores me and calms me in the lonely journey of recovering from the bug.


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