Happy New Year 2013 (9 days late)

I intended to write a post on new year’s day, but due to being down with a major flu, I wasn’t able to write anything.

We had a great time in Kansas City where we attended the onething conference by IHOP-KC. It was a great time worshipping the Lord, hearing the voice of God, and being in the teaching sessions. One thing that I received from the Lord is how much He will chase after me and pour into me, regardless when my faith is big or small. As long as I’m in in need of Him, He will go all out for me.

Then we got to spend a couple of days at a nice house by the lake. It was amazing house! Thank God for the wonderful family that allowed us to stay there.

And perhaps we had too much fun, I fell sick on New Year’s night. bummeR! And lasted for a whole week!!!

Today, I’m beginning to feel better and have decided to stop taking anymore pills. When I coughed, I taste nothing, but the taste of the pills (Yucks!)

There are some nights when I couldn’t sleep due to the runny nose/coughing, I would pray and pray. It seemed like in my spirit and soul, I agree that Jesus is my Healer, I will be healed, I am healed, but my physical body is still having the discomfort. But the physical body will not get me down (because it is dead). Just kept being in agreement that the Lord will restore and strengthen my body.

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