Christmas traditions?

Christmas traditions? What’s that?

Some people asked me what are some Christmas traditions I have in my family or country.

I find it difficult to answer….

In my family, we don’t do much for Christmas. We didn’t have a Christmas tree because it would be dusty to keep in the storeroom. I remember when I was younger, around 8 years old, we will go to Orchard Road to take photos of the Christmas lightings. My brother and I will dress in our “winter sweater” (sweater with snowmen or snowflakes designs) and take photos with the Christmas trees, Santa Claus, etc. The funny thing is it’s rainy season in Singapore and our sweater were like wooly kinds.. And a week or so before Christmas, we will go for a feast at some hotels or nice restaurants.

The last 8 years or so, many of my Christmases were spent overseas in a mission trip. The best time of the year to share about Jesus to our neighbours. Well, if I am around, I think all we did was to have a family meal together (usually a Chicken chop!)

While Tee and I were dating, we NEVER spent Christmas together because he will be back in Thailand or I will be somewhere. We only spent 1 Christmas together (which was 2010 after we ROMed). Last year, we didn’t spend Christmas together too.

So, it’s really feels ‘weird’ having him around… hahaha! I don’t even know what we are going to do.

And being here in USA, people make a BIG deal out of Christmas. They decorate their houses, make Christmas cookies, buy presents for others and themselves, have a big meal. All are so foreign to me. Well, I do give presents back in SG, but this year, all my friends are so far away from me. All I did was to make a simple card for my supporters..

So, sad to say, but this year, Christmas seemed so quiet and lonely (?) for me. And I do want to spend it in a quiet way. Just 2 of us.

Another way I would like to spend Christmas or make it some sort of a Christmas tradition is to open up my home for people who don’t have family to spend Christmas with. But this year, let me spend it in a ‘lonely’ way before I venture to do that..


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