New England Turkey Chowder

I have a huge box of Turkey meat left after the Thanksgiving dinner. I think it will last us for 2 weeks! I am trying to make as many dishes out of the Turkey meat as possible. All our meals will be turkey, turkey and more turkey! Turkey with rice, turkey spaghetti, turkey cake (just kidding!)

I crave for a hot bowl of soup on a cold day/season like now.

I tried making Turkey Chowder (for the first time!) It was great!

I used part of the recipe from Plainville farms’s New England Turkey Chowder.

With the Turkey Broth that I had made earlier the day, I cooked 1 stalk of celery, 2 potatoes, half a carrot (other half went into making the turkey broth and ran out of them) and a little bit of onions till the vegetables are soft. I added some of the green beans and bacons that were left from the Thanksgiving meal. (Really trying to get rid of my leftovers!) Stir in the shredded turkey. Add in the milk and cornstarch mixture stated in the recipe. I only used less than 1.5 cups as I was afraid it would be too milky. Cook till the soup thickens. Add in salt and pepper to your taste.

Wala! The yummy, delicious soup! I am looking forward to making Clam Chowder one day..


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