Launching of Band of Color

We launched a Facebook store selling some handmade items. Check it out!

The first product is a Coffee Cozy. It birthed out of pure fun in making a coffee cozy to keep our hands from the hot drink and to reduce the use of cardboard sleeves.

The second product is a Headband. It birthed out of a conversation with a friend who mentioned that she can’t find non-elastic headbands that she can tie it herself.

The third product is not made yet but waiting for ideas from people. I’m waiting for someone to give me an animal/alien picture that their kids drew, and I will turn that into a soft toy. It will make a really cool toy for the kid – to see the picture ‘come alive’ and becomes a toy.

The money will go to support us as missionaries with Youth with a mission. Each month, we will try to engage an organisation and give part of our earnings to them.


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