Lay Coach Training

Lay Coach Training Class


On the week of October 15-19, I attended the Lay Cøach Training conducted by Coaching Mission International. Learnt and practiced so many skills about the Coaching Funnel from setting goals, to exploration of the background, to generating options to creating action steps and making decisions to pursue action steps. The trainers made it look so easy and as we practise under their supervision, they were just so encouraging and affirming! The main idea is that people know how to solve their problems and as a coach, the role is to listen, ask relevant questions and encourage them to think about their options and make some action steps so that they can achieve their goals and help them to be accountable.

Right now, I can start having coaching relationships. I need to accumulate 25 hours in order to get the certification by June 2013.

The good thing about this is that coaching can happen anywhere and anytime. It can happen either face-to-face or via a good Skype connection. It just takes 1 hour to have the coaching session. I will charge a small fee of USD$5/session just for commitment sake, and this fee is also negotiable. So, if you like more information, let me know!


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