National Coffee Day

So, 29th September is US National Coffee Day! Some coffee shops will be giving out free coffee on this day!

We didn’t really plan to get free coffee, but while driving, we thought why not? So we went to Dutch Bros for our free coffee. When we were there, there was about 4 cars in line. But waited for about 15 minutes. In the end, I know why, coz the barista was so friendly, she kept talking and you can’t help but to stop and listen as she finishes her sentence.

We got Salted Caramel Mocha for the man, and The Kicker (coffee with Irish Cream) for the lady.

Anyway, we do like Dutch Bros alot. The first time we went, we mentioned that it’s our first time trying so we need some time to decide. (PS: we don’t do that very often when we go to a new place). The barista gave us a card that will entitle us to a free drink for our next visit. We haven’t used it yet, but sure we should go back again soon (to get another free coffee!)

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