Craft time with A1

We have the opportunity to serve with our church at a mobile home community.

Mobile Home means they can transport their entire home to another location when needed. It’s where alot of lower income families live.

Our church distribute non-perishable foods twice a month to these families. We will be involved in doing the craft/game time with the kids for an hour. It’s really great opportunity to build relationships with the kids and discover teachable moments to speak truth into their lives. I love it! Reminds me of the good ol’ days doing Christian Fellowship and opening up the office for students.

The first week, they made money banks out of plastic bottles. The kids were so creative and came up with beautiful designs. When asked what they are going to save up for, they said they were saving up for sister’s bicycle, or a shirt. One girl said she is going to save up money to give to her teacher who is having cancer. We gave them some coins to start them off in their savings plan.

One worry I had was that I’m not sure what kind of family they come from, and I pray that the money they saved up will not end up in the wrong hands. You know, like purchase beer or cigarette, etc.. Pray with me that no one will covet their money that will be meant for good.

I’m excited for the next session. Fall season is here, the leaves are turning into beautiful colours. I’m going to have them do “Leaf family”. Using leaves to create their family.

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