Fall is another time to be amazed

The drive towards Cripple Creek on Highway 67

Aspens against the Evergreens. Gorgeous!

Fall has officially started on 22 Sept. It does really feel like Fall, with the cool breeze and yellow and orange trees, falling leaves. Our favourite time of the year!

Pike’s Peak is also covered with snow every week. The snow melted for a couple of days and with a heavy rain just yesterday, it is covered with snow once again.

And so, we took a drive towards Cripple Creek that is about 45mins away, to catch glimpses of the Golden Aspen trees. Aspen trees are planted amongst the Evergreens, giving a scenic picturesque of golden trees among green backdrop along the mountains. It’s super awesome and beautiful! It makes me wonder how creative God is. Mountains are natural landforms and these trees are planted so strategically and produce such wonderful scenery. If it’s the hand of mankind who planted these trees, who would have thought about such combination. Only with such wisdom and foresight to see the end from the beginning or beginning to the end, that God gave to the people who first planted these trees. Either way, how amazing God is!

It made me think about it now that “if we don’t break out in praise to God, even the trees will clap their hands”. How true. How can we see such beauty and think about a Creator who created all these? How can we not worship the Creator who created these? And when we encounter this Creator, that not only created these things, but created us, loved us, died for us, because He intended a purpose and destiny in us to enjoy a relationship with Him. And He has given us these things, not because we deserved it, or had done something good. But that even before we did anything good, He has already given them to us. What a wonderful Giver!

Even when we are going through tough times, take a moment and enjoy the beauty around you. Put those tough times aside for a second. Breathe into the moment of beauty, let out any frustrations. Hopefully, the tough times don’t seem so big and there is hope.


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