Moving, moving

We shifted out of the YWAM housing a month ago. Thank God that through my worries about finding a new place to stay were comforted by His blessings and peace. We house-sat for a friend who went overseas for 2 weeks. Had the place to ourselves, cook our meals, invited friends over for a simple Thai feast and a steak and corn barbeque.

Then, we moved to a lovely couple’s place and will be staying there until our visas situation is stable and we will begin to find a place for ourselves. Looking forward to that!

One day, I began dreaming of what kind of house I would like and what would be in the house.

2 bedrooms (one reserved for guests), kitchen with oven and/or dishwasher, small garden to plant tomatoes, basil, mint, parsley, a few flowers (but not too big a lawn, mowing will be difficult), a steamboat/hot pot for yummy lots-of-food steamboat, heater for cold days, microwave, fridge, tv, a set of cups from World’s Market (it was so cute and quite cheap – 6 cups and a holder for $14.90, probably the first thing I’ll get)

Praying the day will come soon!


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