5 loaves & 2 fish

One of the things I’ve learnt in this season is being creative with what we have.

Being at SF base, we have a room but no access to the kitchen since it’s for SF staff and we are not.

So, with a rice cooker and a microwave, I still managed to whip up meals with them.

I am amazed how God gave me ideas to whip up the meals with my limited resources.

Using the ricecooker as a regular pan & stove, i made spaghetti, meat dishes, veg dishes, potatoes.

We could either complain about the lack of resources or we could see what we could do with the limited resources. And it’s always amazing when God comes through with our limited resources.

However, we do have a desire now to get a electric stove to aid cooking our meals. It is just $30!! But we are kind of waiting till next week for more provision.. And we need to shift out by end July so we might have a proper kitchen when we stay with friends or get our own place..
Some of the meals that I had made with the ricecooker:

Alaskan Salmon (canned) Spaghetti & Broccoli. Salmon & Broccoli, free from Foodbank, Pasta & Sauce, $1 each from Target

Beef with Spaghetti.

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