Colorado Springs Fire

We had a situation with wildfire here in Colorado Springs. Now, as of Thursday (June 28) Over 18,500 Acres have been burned, only 5% contained and more than 32,000 people have been evacuated….that including us!

The real catalyst of this event was on Tuesday afternoon when the erratic wind dashed in at 65mph and created what they called “An Epic scale of Firestorm” that spread the fire 3 times the size of Monday. Immediately, YWAM ICN office and YWAM SF (where we stay) fell under a mandatory evacuation zone.

Within a couple of hours, we fled eastward. We have been putting up at our friends’ place which is further away from the fire. We are so grateful for friends who rise to the occasion and reach out to us.

We are safe and sound, our office and base are also safe at the moment, but we have no idea when the evacuation order will be lifted. Today, we, at the office, kind of re-group and work from a temporary office at YoungLife ministry, who graciously allowed us to use some of their office space.

Live update on the fire situation can be found on and Please continue to pray for us, pray for our city. As far as I know, several homes have been affected by the fire. Some of our friends who live in the affected area are still hopeful that their properties are safe. Please continue to life them up in your prayer. We also hear of some YWAM family & friends have lost their homes.

As a community, we have been praying for rain. So please join us to ask the Lord to send rain.

Pray for our heroes, firefighters and folks who are working all week long 24/7, risking their own lives to stop the fire.

Thank you dear prayer warriors. Thank you for standing with us in this terrible time. This is officially the worst wildfire in the history of the city. And your prayer can make a different. =)


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