Jesus is our Visa

So, these 2 days, we are engaged in a 2-day prayer & fast with YWAM SF.

One of the questions that I felt God told me to ask Him was “what happen if we don’t get our visas?”

I began to think systematically what would happen. We would have to leave the country, pray about another country to go, go to Thailand to do missions work sounds like a good idea, or go back to Singapore. If we go back to SG, we will have to begin another process of visa application for Tee. If we were to go Thailand, we have to begin the process for me to get a visa. If we go to another country, we both have to apply for visas again.

Another thought in my mind was that if we didn’t get the visa and go back to SG, it seemed like ‘we didn’t make it’ so we have to go back. The lie stemmed from things that people said to me before.

The truth is that I believe and know we’re supposed to be here in this season as I take FCM and while Tee serves with ICN.

God began speaking to me that I had views the visa situations as an approval stamp. I felt like we were accepted or are where God wants us to be only when we get that visa. If we didn’t get it, then we must have heard God wrongly.

God spoke to my heart so clearly that the visa is not the approval stamp. God is our approval stamp. When He calls us to any country at any time, He gave the approval for us to be there.

The thing is regardless if we are in the country for two years or a year or 6 months or 3 months or 1 month or even 1 week, we can fulfill God’s calling for us in those amount of time. So, it really doesn’t matter if we get visas or not, we are going to be there to fulfill God’s calling in us.

The next question would be what is God calling us to do. Well, Tee wants to tell stories through videos/films and I want to see and help people be redeemed in their situations. What wonderful way for us to work together! I hope to help people see God’s redemption and when they do, Tee will tell their stories throughout the nations.

Telling Redeeming/Redeemed Stories!

The problem is that my fear, self-doubt and passivity is the only hindrance. I need God’s help so much in this area.

And then, God said “look for like-minded people to do this together because I can’t do it alone”

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