Woodmen Welcome at Woodmen Valley Chapel

Today, we attended a Welcome lunch at Woodmen Valley Chapel. We have been attending here faithfully since we came back to the Springs. This church is pretty cool, feels like our home church in Singapore. It’s contemporary, good teaching and great in the outreaches both locally and globally. And it’s inter-denomination, so that we don’t forget our roots (that was what the Senior Pastor said!) Yeah METHODIST!! (in case you don’t know, my home church in Singapore is Methodist and it’s Evangelical! Totally not traditional. =)

Perhaps being a former church staff and hospitality leader and what not, I tend to observe how other churches do things and learn from them. So, they arranged for a welcome lunch for the new people who have been attending their church. Probably, they do it once a quarter. Get to know the people and share about the church vision and ways to get involved. It’s such a neat way to give newcomers an overall picture of the vision of the church and allow them to find ways to fit in the church (especially for Christians who relocate and are looking for a home church in this area). Beyond just the ‘pass you the bulletin to fill it and say hi for 1 week’, there’s a second connection at these welcome lunches.

I like how they did the vision video and challenge ‘already Christian’ to not look for a church that will suit their needs, but find one that has a direction and seeks to equipped the people.

The image Woodmen used and the image my Singapore home church used were the same – both Sailboats.

Woodmen gave the description that some people envisioned the church as a luxury ship and people are asking if it suits their needs, if they like the captain and the crew, if it’s comfortable, if its service is good. And they challenged us to change and think of the ship as a battleship, do they have a direction, if they are submissive to a higher authority, if they equipped the soldiers for battle and if they honor those who have served.

I think it was such a great description!


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