Found a HP printer

I was planning to find a ladle for the rice cooker and maybe some plates/bowls in the Boutique at the base.

For those who don’t know, the Boutique is a place in the base whereby people can give away their use-able items/clothings.

When I stepped into the Boutique, I saw a HP printer on the shelf. I let out a gasp & a ‘Seriously?’ And I thought to myself, ‘what a find! I could use it to print stuffs for my journal’

I felt like God placed it there for me to find it. I wanted to go to the Boutique days ago but was always lazy to walk there. And today, I just suddenly told my husband ‘I’m going to the Boutique! Bye!’

Each week, I wanted to print out for my journal, we have to go over to ICN. It was rather troublesome as we have to either walk/get a ride. For the 2 weeks, the timing didn’t work out. I submitted late for one week & the other week, I had to print in b/w in the common room.

I was also always thinking about the free Canon printer that I won at the PL Teachers Day dinner last year. I wanted to ship the printer over to US so much but it would be unwise & expensive.

I think God really heard my wantings & desires & place it there for me to take it.

My friend told me he saw the printer few days ago but he wasn’t sure if he should take it so he just ignore it.

When I returned to the room, I can’t help but laughed so hysterically coz it’s so unbelievable. Even my husband got a shock when he saw it!


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