I will live by Faith

I just did a great job at using the money we have. Paid for mobile bills back home, paid part of my school fees, transferred money home for mum’s iPad. And more mobile bills to pay once I terminate the mobile line. And it’ll be all faith-based once again.

I’m both thankful and worried at the same time.

Thankful coz I was blessed to have our church come alongside us in our journey and they will be helping with the rest of my school fees, which means I don’t have to worry till they transfer the money over or decide not to support anymore. I pray not. Thankful also coz they were going to give a one-time gift but not sure when that will take place. Thankful also because I was able to cancel one of my insurance policies and there was a little pay-out that could tie us through.

My mum asked for an iPad for Mother’s Day, birthday, Christmas of 2012. Haha! Felt that I should bless her with it.

So, it was good having a 4-digit balance in my bank account each time it’s there. And when it dropped below a 4-digit balance, worry sets in. Worry because I have no control now, but need to have more control. Expenses will be increased at an increasing rate over income. The thing I have to control is not how/when money is coming in but how money is going out.

Sometimes, I feel that I have not been good steward of finances. Something which I need to learn. So, God help me!


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