God’s provision through a 3-month contract job

Last December, Joy was blessed to be able to get a 3-month job as a customer service staff in an enrichment centre. In fact, I sent out the resume and forgot that I actually sent it out until the HR department called in a week later.

It was a great experience as it is kind of a first for me to be working in the marketplace since graduation. (Had been working with my church for the last 4 years) Initially, I was very sad because the lunch hours were staggered and I had to lunch alone for the first 2 weeks. I was praying and asking God to open doors for me to get to know the other colleagues in the office. Amazingly, I got to know a couple of them through simple interactions like walking out of office together. At the start of 2011, I was given the option of a flexible lunch hour. I began to ask the colleagues to go for lunches together. I was also able to share with them what I will be doing in the future. Surprisingly, they were impressed that someone would actually be doing missions/volunteer work. This desire resonates in some of them, but they are unable to walk in it at the moment (mostly due to the expectation of the world).

I always thought people may look down on me because I had worked in a church, the pay is not high, and even going out to do missions work on a full time basis, people may think it’s a silly thing to do. So many times when I was sharing with my colleagues what I was going to do, I had tried to water down the idea of God or make things seemed more glamourous. Like one time, one of them was asking me if the organization will pay us and how would we survive. I tried to hide the fact that we do not get paid. But the Holy Spirit prompted me to say the truth, why hide. As I told her that we do not get an income but by support of people who believed in us. She couldn’t believe her ears nor believe what I was going to do, she felt it was so noble to be doing something that one is passionate about and also doesn’t mind not getting paid for it. After the conversation, I felt that this is something the world needs. The world needs people who are passionate about God and is willing to serve Him regardless of income. In fact, the world has a desire to help people, but lacks the boldness to do so because the idea of earning above market rate is so important, the idea of having a good career, having savings for family, children, retirement is so important, and having a grand wedding is so important.

I was truly blessed that God provided that job for me because without it, we wouldn’t be able to have sufficient money for our daily needs and our air tickets to COS. It was so timely. Praise God!

And I thank God that it was only for 3 months, because any longer, I feel that I could be so comfortable working and might even lose hold of what God has in store for me. 🙂


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