First week at Colorado Springs

Greetings from Colorado Springs! 

Pikes Peak view from YWAM SF Base

From the YWAM Base, we can see American’s famous mountain, Pikes Peak. It was such a beautiful and magnificient sight, especially with a full day of rain on the 2nd day we arrived, the mountain was capped with snow.

We are adjusting well to the time difference and have (almost) got over jetlag. Joy is still waking up in the middle of the night and feeling VERY sleepy during the daytime..

We really want to thank God for so many things. The scenery here is needless to say, our Creator God just blesses us with His smile and love each morning we wake up. The base here is great! Nice room, nice food, nice people around. We also thank God for supplying our needs that we are able to raise Tee’s school fees.

The school’s orientation also just ended this morning and School of Missions Communication classes had begun for Tee. He had learnt about Research this afternoon. He will be happily busying with Work Duties, Projects and Book Reports. =)

Joy will be serving at the YWAM ICN base during the stay, helping with a project and doing the hospitality for the school, serving coffee and snacks during break times. =) I’ll be enjoying that a lot! =)

We love you guys reading this out there! Please continue to keep us in your prayers, that we may be a joy and blessing to everyone that we meet. Thank you! The Lord’s favor and strength be upon you as well!

Colorado Springs!!


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