33 days to Colorado Springs, USA

Come, 13 September 2011, we will be in Colorado Springs, USA!

Tee will be doing School of Mission Communication from 15 Sept to 9 Dec 2011. It is always Tee’s desire to be the voice and channel for the needs and resources of our Father’s business. Oh yes, have you seen him on the YWAM GO Manual Magazine? (left)

Joy will be serving at YWAM Strategic Frontiers base. One of the things she is very excited about doing is helping out at the Cafe Ministry and (hopefully) learn some dishes. One of her dream is to open a cafe. =) She will be back in SG on 3 Nov (for her dear friend’s wedding and leaving the hubby behind in the US to enjoy a real American Thanksgiving holiday ALONE!)

We would love your prayers to journey together with us in this adventure. It has been amazing how God lead us thus far, and we are in total awareness that without God and partners like you, we can’t do this at all. So we would like to appreciate you and at the same time, inviting you to partner with us in prayer as we look to the Father for His guidance in this next chapter of our lives as well as trusting for His provision.

Finances has been quite a struggle for us, but through years of Tee’s experience with YWAM, he has learnt that money is never a problem too big to stop God! Indeed Jehovah Jireh shall provides!

Appreciate all your love and support =)

Tee & Joy =)


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