We must share of this blessing that came from a friend of friend.

Our wedding cake is given to us FREE!

We planned to have a friend bake the cake for us, but he was unable to. He recommended another lady who is a good baker, but her charges are between $300-$1000. It was way out of our budget.

Having a wedding cake is a nice idea, but I guess I thought I could do without one. Since most of the time, it’s a fake cake.

So I laid down my desire for a wedding cake that night, and the following morning, I got a call from our friend. He told us that the lady is going to bake the cake for us and bless us with it.

It was such a surprise. We don’t even know her! And after that call and after I called to liaise with her, I felt very loved. Very loved by friends who know us and don’t know us, and loved by our Almighty Father. =)

We are so excited to see the cake!! It’s going to be a very special flavour. Earl Grey Tea.. wheee~~

For those who like to find out more about our cake baker, here’s her website – Crummb


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