Legally married

So, Tee & Joy are legally married on 1 Dec 2010.

We had a little ceremony in our church pastor’s office with our 2 witnesses (Joy’s mum & Joseph Chean), Joy’s brother and 2 friends. However, the staff of our church (Joy’s colleagues) threw a little surprise for us by decorating the church office and being there to witness together with us. It was really sweet of them.

However, reality struck Joy in the next few days. I can’t believe that my status is now married. At the same time, many thoughts of doubt, uncertainties and fear fills Joy’s mind.. It’s not a pleasant feeling and I need to constantly remind myself that God will work all things for the good of those who love Him. May we love God more and more, more than we love ourselves and each other.

Our current situation:

We are not staying together yet as Joy’s home is not ready for Tee to shift over as Grandma is still staying with the family and we agreed to wait till after the March’s celebrations.

Tee flew off to the Holy Land on Sunday night and he’s leading a group there. It is truly amazing as he has been there TWICE this year and it’s a paid job for him! When he’s back, we are praying that he will be able to get a long term visa and get the student pass to be enrolled in a private uni.

Please pray for us on that..

One more thing, if you could or know of anyone who could help us.

Tee needs to shift out of the current place that he is staying for a couple of weeks between mid Jan to mid Feb as the parents of the owner is coming to SG. So, Tee needs to find another place to stay for those weeks. Please pray for us that we will be able to find the accommodation for him.


One thought on “Legally married

  1. Allan Fong says:

    Hey, you newly weds,

    i recall the same ‘butterfly’ in my stomach when it finally hit me that my status had changed from ‘single’ to ‘married’. It is like a truckload of emotions just hit me; emotions like, ‘Now i am really married, so how to go about it?’ ‘Now, i have responsibility not only over myself, but my other half as well. What does it mean? How do i go about doing it?’ “What! I am no longer single? Oh my freedom!”, “Oh No! now i have to pay all my bills.’ “I am really, really an adult now!” “Will we live happily ever after?” You know, that kind of questions and emotions. You just have to settle down and let the reality sink in; the solution is not to focus on the negatives but face your brave new world together and with the Lord.

    Rejoicing with you and looking forward to that March date.

    Congratulations again! Marriage is a good thing.


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