Nostalgic….our 1st picture together =)

Do you want to know how we were like, the very 1st time we get to know each other? Here you go. Our very first picture taken together. In fact, it was her (Joy) who make a first move haha!! (I’m half-joking here). This is during our mission trip to Rangsit, Thailand in December 2005.

Our 1st picture together

Our 1st picture together


One thought on “Nostalgic….our 1st picture together =)

  1. Joy says:

    Hmm.. I did not make the first move. We were sitting at the back of a Song Teow (vehicle) in Thailand. I was snapping the sceneries with my camera. AND Tee took the camera to snap both of us. (So, ahem, he made the first move) But the pictures turned out bad, so I took over and snapped a good one.

    Nonetheless, how happy we looked. =p

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